What To Bring

Be prepared by bringing all your overnight camping essentials:

Sleeping Gear

Sleeping bag or blankets and pillow

Fishing Gear

Fishing License, Ice fishing rods, fishing line and tackle. A willow stick and line works too! A bucket is convenient to keep your bait in.


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Pot, pan, cooking utensils, tableware. Disposable plates and utensils are easy to deal with. A roll of paper towel comes in handy. A tupperware or rubbermaid bin can be used to pack.

Food and Beverages

Food, snacks, water and beverages. Cooking ingredients – cooking oil, flour and spices for fish fry or Shake and bake is an easy way to coat your fish fillets. A cooler can be used to pack consumables.


A deck of cards, board games, DVD player/laptop.

Gear rental can be arranged if it’s not feasible to bring your own.

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